Spotted: Felix Reuter – Petite Sonate Pathétique – Part II

Spotted: Felix Reuter – Petite Sonate Pathétique – Part II

Today I’m introducing you to the latest track by the German pianist Felix Reuter. This is a fresh and unique editing of the “Grande Sonate Pathétique” by Ludwig van Beethoven. I was first a bit skeptical about posting about this, because I rather post about original content, but this was way to good to sit out!

Felix grew up in a musical family and started playing the piano at a early age. He did his first performance ar the age of eight! Today he lives in Weimar and make a living as a composer, pianist and music comedian.

The track was release on a three part EP on the 29th of April of 2020. You can download the sheet music for the EP here!

Tell us something about the track Petite Sonate Pathétique – Part II!
Since my youth, again and again I have come in touch with this piano work. Each time I play it a little different. Beethoven’s Sonata contains many catchy musical phrases – it is easy to imagine people whistling them on the streets and playing them at home in the 19th century. That was just how composers got famous in those days. The second movement of Beethoven’s work felt so close to pop music to me, I decided to focus on this vibe and emphasize it even more. Also, I liked that part even more in E flat major and so I changed the key.

Thank you for the music Felix!

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