Spotted: Geert Veneklaas – Reflection

Today I’m presenting you with the dutch composer and piano player Geert Veneklaas and his track Reflection. Geert has played the piano since the age of six. espite a radio hit, listings in the Dutch charts and touring the clubs, Geert put an end to his career as a pop musician, but continued to develop himself as a composer and arranger in his homestudio. Geert’s ambition has recently taken flight by focusing on composing for piano solo, and thereby returning to a part of his roots

The track Reflection was released as a single on the 24th of June, 2022 but will also be part of an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track Reflection!
When I compose I often have an imaginary movie in mind. For ‘Reflection’ my mind was in France, in a ‘film noir’ setting. That was quite a challenge at that time because in the meantime construction workers were renovating our house, so sometimes I could barely hear myself play 🙂

Thank you very much for this Geert!

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