Spotted: Gian Luca Buscaglia – Glimpse of Dream

Today I’m introducing you to the Italian composer and piano player Gian Luca Buscaglia and his track Glimpse of Dream. Gian Luca is currently resided in France and is hopping between his two countries. He started playing the piano at the age of 14 and has written his own tunes since 2019.

The track Glimpse of Dream was released as a single on the 15th of October, 2022. 

Tell us something about your track Glimpse of Dream!
This time the piece is not meant to vehiculate a specific message: following a chat on my first solo-piece, ‘Polina’, with a musician friend, known master harpist Giuseppina Ciarla, I thought of using some arpeggio chords on the piano in a calm ‘night-time’ piece, as harp to me is the most oneiric, celestial instrument. Proof I was right to think so is that I listened to my draft composition the first time in my bed when I had put my portable phone playing the piece under the pillow: well I immediately fell asleep like a baby and the phone was still under the pillow in the morning after…hence the name ‘Glimpse of Dream’. I also realised later that its acronymous is…GoD.

Thanks for this Gian Luca!

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