Spotted: Gianluca Piacenza – Once Again

Spotted: Gianluca Piacenza – Once Again

I have before introduced you to the Italian composer an piano player Gianluca Piacenza (check out the Behind the piano post here!). But today I’ll present to you his latest track; Once again!

Short introduction of Gianluca then! Gianluca works as a music producer at Red Couch Studio, and makes modern classical piano music. He’s academically trained on the piano but also enjoys experimenting with electronic elements.

The track Once again is released as a single, but will also be featured on the upcoming EP Felted which will be out in September of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Once again!
“Once Again” t’s a romantic and sad solo piano waltz composed to remember once again all the good we have lost in this terrific pandemic time. It’s a very delicate and emotional song dedicated to the wonderful people who helped us overcoming this difficult moment. A cry of pain and hope at the same time. 

Thank you very much for this Gianluca!

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