Spotted: Gifts From Crows – Fragments of Light

Spotted: Gifts From Crows – Fragments of Light

Today I’m presenting you with the composer and piano player Richard Lawrence and his project Gifts From Crows. Richard lives in Chester, and old Roman city in the north of England, and Gifts From Crows is his neo classical project,

The track Fragments of light was released as a single on the 14th of October, but will also be part of an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track Fragments of Light!
We long to stand wholly in the light, without shadows and for everything to be known but life is never really like that. Mostly we piece together meaning from the fragments available to us, of hope, of beauty, of love and fortunately these fragments are mostly enough. 

The Leonard Cohen lyric goes, ‘There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’ ‘Fragments of Light’ is my way of saying something like that. The piece is in the unusual 7/8 time signature.

Thanks for sending me this Richard!