Spotted: Giuseppe Califano – Mirrors

Spotted: Giuseppe Califano – Mirrors

Today I’m introducing you to the track Mirrors by the Italian composer and conductor Giuseppe Califano, living in Milan. Giuseppe have been studying the piano since the age of five, and found his interest in music from a walkman he got as a gift. The gifter forgot to take out the cassette with Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and thats when it all started!

The track Mirrors is released as a single but will also be featured on the upcoming album That tree that I don’t forget.

Tell us something about your track Mirrors!
Each song on the album is dedicated to him: Mirrors is written with the image of the tree reflected in the puddles after the rain. His image reflected together with the clouds and the patches of blue sky. It is a very poetic image, but initially the idea came to me for other reason: after seeing a small ant swimming in the puddle … In addition to the mirror, in this piece there is the idea of swimming through this mirror, through things, through memories.

Thanks for sending me this track Giuseppe!

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