Spotted: Gunnar Spardel – Watching Stars Collide

Spotted: Gunnar Spardel – Watching Stars Collide

Today I’m introducing you to German composer Gunnar Spardel, originally from Hamburg but now based in Boston, USA. Gunnar was introduced to both jazz and classical music by his parents from an early age and started to find interest for electronic music as a teenager.

The track Watching stars collide is taken from Gunnars debut album Simplicity in a complex world which was released on the 4th of march.

Tell us something about the album!
Inspired by modern day minimalism and baroque like orchestrations, Simplicity in a Complex World is a meditation on the complexities of the modern way of life. It is both a reflection and recreation of the inner space we must all find for ourselves in a world that is constantly shifting beneath our feet.

Tell us something about your track Watching stars collide!
Watching Stars Collide represents the first time I used the piano as the base for one of my compositions. I tried to use the instrument to investigate the isolation and loneliness of modern life while providing a Utopian counterpart to this sinister and unkind reality.

Thank you for sharing this with us Gunnar!

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After the post was written and ready for posting, Gunnar send me this video for the song which I had just finished. So I thought I would include that one as well!