Spotted: Henrik von Euler – Migrationer

It has been two years since I wrote about the Swedish artist Henrik von Euler the last time. Now he’s back on the blog with another track called Migrationer. Henrik has made music for over twenty years in different genres, and this is taken from his 32nd album.

The track Migrationer was released on an EP with the same name, which came out on the 21st of April, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Migrationer!
I felt the isolation period that we’re in strangled all inspiration and made it near impossible to make any music. Still people were writing and saying that it was the perfect opportunity to be creative. It doesn’t work like that for me though. I hated going to the studio. The physical resistance made it so I could only stay for an hour at a time. Thats why the songs are so short and minimal (apart from the fact I like short and minimal songs).

Thank you for this track Henrik!

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