Spotted: Igor Longhi – Berceuse de la Mer

Spotted: Igor Longhi – Berceuse de la Mer

Today I’m introducing you to the track Berceuse de la Mer by the Italian composer Igor Longhi. I’ve come across the name a couple of times when I’ve been browsing around the online piano community, and I was happy to find Igor!

Igor is from the town Trieste in the north of Italy, and has studied the piano since the age of five. He has explored many different genres and in 2015 he made his first EP with solo piano music.

since that moment I used the piano as a confident, a friend, a therapist… to elaborate the feelings that hits me more.

The track Berceuce de la Mer was released as a single on the 24th of April, 2020, but will also be featured on an upcoming EP.

Tell us something about the track Berceuce de la Mer!
Berceuse de la Mer, is a lullaby I wrote for my children, before the Covid-19 crisis started. I started to sing the melody sitting on the bed where the littlest one was laying, and after he fall asleep, I took a pentagram sheet and wrote it down. I think this is the song that took less time ever in my composing history ☺ it simply came out, I only had to write it down.

Few days after, I went to my studio and started to record. The choice of a felt piano, was almost obligate as it’s a lullaby 😃

Why Berceuse de la Mer? Well, it’s really easy.

While I was singing the melody of this lullaby (berceuse) to my babies, I imagined myself as the sea (la Mer, in French) and the babies like a paper boat sailing over it.

Thank you for sending me this Igor!

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