Spotted: Innocenzo Genna – Sweet Sweden (breakfast at Blomqvist)

Spotted: Innocenzo Genna – Sweet Sweden (breakfast at Blomqvist)

Today I’m presenting you with the track Sweet Sweden (breakfast at Blomqvist) by the Italian composer and piano player Innocenzo Genna, living in Brussels.

My interest in music is not only artistic and emotional, but also professional, because for years I have been working in the Internet and technology sector as a lawyer and policy expert, so as to be involved in the major political debates concerning music and technology: from P2P to online piracy, from online platforms to the liberalization of collecting societies, up to the recent European copyright reform.

The track Sweet Sweden (breakfast at Blomqvist) was released on the album Post Quarantine Piano which came out on December 21st, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Innocenzo Genna – Sweet Sweden (breakfast at Blomqvist)!
This is the instrumental version of a piano song which was intended to be completed with lyrics. The melody was inspired while having in mind a special somebody, however the flirt did not work. then, Because of that, I did not find the mood to write the lyrics, thus the composition remained just instrumental. The title of the song is somehow linked to Swedish sweeties and desserts, some of which were available at my preferred coffee-bar in Brussels, the Blomqvist Expresso Coffee Bar, an amazing nordic café which was run some years ago by an adventurous Sicilian girl (not the one for whom I fell in love).

Thank you very much Innocenzo!

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