Spotted: Jacaszek – The Zone

Spotted: Jacaszek – The Zone

Today I’m introducing you to the Polish composer Jacaszek based in Gdańsk. Jacaszek has been dealing with music and sound art for past 15 years. An important side of Jacaszek’s art activity is composing film scores. 

The field of “electro-acoustica” is the main point of my interest as a composer. My work is generally a digital processing of acoustic sources. I am also deeply interested in sounds of nature. 3 of my albums are based on field recordings.

The track The Zone is released as a single, but will also be featured on the album Music for Film out March 27th via Ghostly International.

Tell us something about your track The zone!
The Zone was originally composed for the Estonian film “November” by Rainer Sarnet. The original arrangement contained harp and hammer dulcimer only, the cue was not used it did not function in the scene it was intended for.

But I loved the piece so much (it is one of my favourites) so I decided to transcript it for piano and include it into the album. No better opportunity to share it with people.

Thank you very much for sending me this song!

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