Spotted: Jacco Wynia – Improbabilities

Spotted: Jacco Wynia – Improbabilities

Today I’m presenting you to the latest track by the dutch composer and piano player Jacco Wynia and his track Impobabilities. I have written about Jacco befor, and to know it all; check out this Behind the piano post. In short thought, Jacco lives in The Netherlands and is a composer of Neo-classical music.

The track was released as a single on the 21st of august, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Improbabilities!
Many beautiful things are discovered when you least expect them. They may seem unreal, but somehow you have discovered them to be real.
When writing this song, I really enjoyed the process and found so much joy in it. When I wanted to give it a place I somehow couldn’t agree and wouldn’t find the recording ‘good enough’, but actually by working more on details to make it feel more ‘real’, it lost some power. Then I just decided to leave it as it is: Imperfect, improbable, but with bits of joy. And those bits matter!

Thanks for sharing this with us Jacco!

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