Spotted: Jennie Löfgren – Dreamology

Spotted: Jennie Löfgren – Dreamology

Today I’m introducing you to Jennie Löfgren, a Swedish composer and piano player. Jennie is born in Östersund in the north of Sweden but now lives in Stockholm. This album, Dreamology, is a compilation of her three EPs (released in 2018) which together with the title track Dreamology has formed this wonderful album.

This is the first real album från Jennie, at least in a while, since Jennie mostly composes music for picture.

Tell us something about your album Dreamology!
I’ve been playing the piano and coming up with piano pieces since I was a child.  One day I realized that if I die now, nothing of that will be left. I haven’t recorded any of it, although it has always been such a big part of me. So I decided to record and realease the next 10 piano pieces I wrote and that became the Dreamology-series. It was also the first time I recorded, arranged and produced an entire album totally by myself. I usually collaborate with different people on the production but this time I wanted to know what happened if I shut myself in a room and made all of the choices myself.  What would that sound like?

Well, Jennie. It would sound awesome. Just listen to this!

If you want to learn more about Jennie and her music, please check out these following links:
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