Spotted: Joe Cilento – Ruminations

Spotted: Joe Cilento – Ruminations

Today I’m introducing you to the track Ruminations by the American rock and blues guitarist (!) Joe Cilento. After a couple of years with playing in different constellations his taste started to change and he wanted to explore classical, world and jazz music. This made him change his focus from having an “instrumentalist mindset” to a more “musicians mindset”. His piano compositions comes from there.

The track Ruminations was released as a single back in July but is also part of the EP Anywhere with you which came out on the 7th of august, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Ruminations!
I started writing this music to break out of the music people told me I ‘should’ be writing based on my background. This music came from a very anxious & tumultuous time in my life. I kept having “two sides of the same coin” battles in my head & those cycles of thought became very overwhelming. Writing music gave me some solace & the idea of “ruminations”- patterns of deeeply thinking over and over about something, really helped clarify the nature of the piece. Ruminations was the last song written for the EP and it was written kind of by accident when I was alone testing out an old beat up out of tune piano at a local studio. I still have the (very rough!) demo of it on my phone and that “found music” quality is what I was going for when I finally recorded the piece in the studio.

Thank you very much for this Joe!

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