Spotted: John Bickerton – Quiet Journey

Spotted: John Bickerton – Quiet Journey

Today I’m introducing you to the track Quiet Journey by the Canadian composer and piano player John Bickerton, now living in Brooklyn, New York. John has his background in classical composition and jazz improvisation.

The track Quiet Journet is featured on the album Heartland which was released on the 14th of September, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Quiet Journey!
The track Quiet Journey is a meditative, reflective piece that uses minimalism to create a somewhat dark, mysterious atmosphere. The piano used was a wonderful 7’ 4”” Bosendorfer grand piano. I loved the treble range of this piano because it could really speak. All 18 songs on Heartland were recorded in a single day but it was a quite a marathon day.

Thank you very much John!

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