Spotted: Jon Winterstein – Conjectures

Spotted: Jon Winterstein – Conjectures

Today I want to introduce you to Jon Winterstein, a German composer, artist, performer and songwriter. He has been writing and making music in different genres over the last six or seven years, at first with the guitar as the main instrument, and now also on the piano.

When composing piano music, I want to take the listener with me on an emotional journey through new as well as long-known lands.

Tell us something about Conjectures!
The main theme of “Conjectures” is uncertainty. That is pretty much all I can say, everything else is subject to interpretation.

Is the track part of a bigger release?
I am planning on releasing an EP within the first quarter of this year. Conjectures was intended to be the first single release of that EP, but since I have already recorded quite a number of tracks, this could change.

Thank you for this wonderful song Jon! Please check out instagram and Spotify for more information and MORE music!