Spotted: Jonny Colgan – Breath (Grá II)

Spotted: Jonny Colgan – Breath (Grá II)

Today I’m presenting you with the composer and piano player Jonny Colgan, from Northern Ireland now based in London, and his track Breath (Grá II). He started writing music at the age of 15, and in 2011 he moved to London to work as a freelance musician.

In recent years I’ve returned to the piano as a sanctuary and am grateful to have reached many millions of listeners with my music so far.

The track Breath (Grá II) was released as a single on the 11th of may, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Breath (Grá II)!
Breath (Grá II) is a rework of my track ‘Grá’ (Irish Gaelic for ‘Love’). Grá stemmed from an idea I came up with in a school about 4 years ago whilst waiting for a percussion student! The harmony came first and went through many sketches over a couple of years before I found the melody I stuck with. The space and movement in the piece is something I try to capture in my recordings which are often one take and contain elements of improvisation. I try to lean into the nuances and mistakes as it captures a moment in time as well as the idea.

Thank you very much for this Jonny!