Spotted: Josh Kramer – Where the Light Goes

Spotted: Josh Kramer – Where the Light Goes

Today I’m introducing you to American composer and pianist Josh Kramer, originally from Ohio but now has now relocated to Turkey. His work has been used in productions around the globe including tv/film, documentary, commercials, and dance including a series of major ballet performances. Most recently, his song Light in the Shadows is being featured by Burberry in their new advertising campaign for The Kingdom collection. 

The song is originally released in 2015, and re-released in 2018, and is part of the soundtrack for the video game The First Tree.

Tell us about your track Where the Light Goes!
This song was originally written and recorded in early 2015 as a solo piano track. However, I wasn’t content with it as I kept hearing it accompanied by strings in my head. So I reached out to a friend of mine, Tina Guo, who is an extremely talented and well-known cellist who has worked and toured with Hans Zimmer, and has played cello for many video game and movie soundtracks. I wrote the cello part for her and she recorded it remotely in her studio in Los Angeles later that year. It had always been a dream of mine to have live musicians, especially string players record with me, but I never had the opportunity prior to this. It was definitely one item checked off my bucket list! I plan on doing more collaborations with her in the future.

Since then, Where the Light Goes has been used in a number of productions including a Chevy commercial in South America, and is currently my most popular song on streaming platforms such as Spotify. 

Thank you for sharing with us Josh!

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