Spotted: Juan Sánchez – Rebirth

Spotted: Juan Sánchez – Rebirth

Today I’m introducing you to Spanish composer Juan Sánchez from Barcelona. Like yesterday, there’s a Spanish composer on the blog! Isn’t that great?! Anyhow. Juan is a music producer, pianist and composer and creates music for multimedia and sound libraries for music producers.

The track Rebirth is released as a single.

I have no plans to create an album as I prefer to release my compositions as singles as this give me more time to promote them and I can concentrate more on the quality of the recording.

Tell us something about your track Rebirth!
I called this piano piece “Rebirth” because it’s the start of something new in my life as after years of working alone in my studio, now I am determined to make a career as performer and composer of music for the general public and “Rebirth” is the first of a series of compositions that I am releasing as singles through Spotify and other platforms to promote myself as an artist.

Some people have told me that they really like the delay effects that are included in the highest notes of the melody, this was an idea of pianist and composer Bruno Sanfilippo who was the person behind the processing of this track.

Thank you Juan! I’m sure you’re going to do well in this piano genre of ours!

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