Spotted: Julie Hanney – Peace Hymn

Spotted: Julie Hanney – Peace Hymn

Today I’m presenting you with the American composer and piano player Julie Hanney and the track Peace Hymn. Julie started playing the piano at early on but got more serious in high school.

The track Peace Hymn was released as a singe on the 8th of January, 2021 and will be part of the album Where the Ocean Meets the Sky on January the 22nd.

Tell us something about the track Peace Hymn!
I wrote most of this song a couple of years ago and then set it on the shelf for a bit while I worked on other projects.  My mom passed away in January of 2020 and while grieving and healing, I picked this song up again and finished writing it, as a gift to her and to all who experience loss, pain, grief or stress and need solace.  I hope this song brings a bit of calm and tranquility to the listener.

Thank you Julie!

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