Spotted: Just Nathaniel – 6:16 AM

Spotted: Just Nathaniel – 6:16 AM

Today I’m introducing you to Nathaniel Wolkstein, or Just Nathaniel, a composer from Madison, Wisconsin in the USA. Nathaniel is a violinost who also plays the piano and a couple of more instruments (the list is long). He has played professionally in orchestras since the age of 14.

I self-record, mix and produce all of my recordings, playing all the instruments aside from brass and woodwinds, which I bring on my talented friends from the orchestral world to do.

The track 6:16 AM is taken from the album Dreams and nightmares which was released on January the 3rd of 2020.

Tell us something about the track 6:16 AM!
My album “Dreams and Nightmares” has 8 tracks and each track marks a specific time of night and explores the emotions that arise in the depths of darkness. “6:16 AM” is a pivotal moment in the album, as it is the first sign of sunlight and dawn after a harrowing evening of nightmares.  The track represents awakening, light and understanding. This track was originally titled “This Too Will End”, a nod to the understanding that regardless of how much turmoil we go through individually and collectively, there is always light and hope on the other side.

Thank you Nathaniel for sending me this track!

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