Spotted: Justin Hunter – Drown

Spotted: Justin Hunter – Drown

Today I’m introducing you to Australian composer Justin Hunter and his latest release Drown. Justin lives in the Blue Mountains in Australia and apart from being an amazing pianist and composer he also runs ultra marathons and is a part time photographer.

This is a first taste of an upcoming album coming out sometime 2019. But first; a couple of singles.

When I asked him about the song he responded with something that looked and sounded like a poem. It wasn’t, but I’ll keep it poem like!

“Drown” was written in a small cafe high up in the Blue Mountains.
By actual fluke, the first time I sat at the keys to continue writing the piece the keys and notes all perfectly meshed into one.
It sounded so beautiful, like everything was just falling around me.

It struck me that if the ocean was only made up of musical notes,
then I would absolutely not have the strength to swim. I would be overtaken by the melody and “Drown” ..

A perfect representation that there are in life, memories and experiences that are so perfect, that the moment we sit back and soak it all in, we are actually in fact, being so thrown into an ocean of emotion, almost as if we are drowning in the moment.

Music is totally that.

A trigger for memories, that consume and allow us to linger and drown in the moment.

Thank you for the music Justin! Looking forward to hear the album!

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