Spotted: Justus Rümenapp – Nebula

Spotted: Justus Rümenapp – Nebula

Today I’m introducing you to the latest song by the German composer and pianist Justus Rümenapp; Nebula. Justus was born in Göttingen and started playing classical piano at the age of six. After ten years of playing Justus wanted to express his own feelings and stared making his own music.

The track Nebula was released on July 31st of 2020.

Tell us something about the track Nebula!
In this Song you can hear the connection of my classical education and my original compositional style. Nebula is written for Cello and Piano. It’s melancholic and hopeful at the same time. The musical idea of „Nebula“ has been born in times of Lockdown of COVID 19.This music shall give hope to people who feel alone in and frightened in times like these. 

Thank you very much Justus!

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