Spotted: Kepa Lehtinen – Serenade for theremin, piano and double bass

Spotted: Kepa Lehtinen – Serenade for theremin, piano and double bass

Today I’m introducing you to Kepa Lehtinen, a finish composer and sound designer. Aside from being a great pianist, Kepa has also studied many other instruments like drums and synthesizers.

His first solo album was released in 2018 and this tune is taken from the follow up called Helsinki in November, which was released in April of 2019.

Tell us something about this latest album of yours!
This album is written for piano, contrabass, and theremin, which is an almost-century-old Russian electronic instrument. Leon Theremin, the father of this instrument, created it by an accident after studied on Russian military radio-engineering school. Theremin is played without direct contact to instrument, and that is why it is possible to create both soft and melancholic athmosphere or anxious and screeming effects.

Tell us something about this track (with the very long title)!
On “Serenade for theremin, piano and double bass” theremin takes the role of a violin in more typical classical duets and compliments the piano well. It also allows for sounds and techniques a violin could never equal. The combination of theremin, piano, and contrabass creates a sound full of cinematic darkness that immediately commands attention. The theremin is no longer a freak but a stand-alone lead instrument. 

I have used several synthesizers for composing, but for last track of this album I constructed an istrument using Commodore-64-home computer. Its robotic sound combined with etheric theremin is really freak.

Thank you for sharing this track with us Kepa!

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