Spotted: Kevin Kerrigan – Candlelight

Spotted: Kevin Kerrigan – Candlelight

It’s a strange life being an Artist.  You work on your own a lot and so have to be comfortable with solitude and the delicate dance of the near-madness around invention.  You also need to be tuned into the subtle shifts of the world,  but completely detuned from it all all at once.  There are many paradoxes.

In my work I’m always aiming to create or capture beauty.  The beauty of life, the world.. or something else I can’t really describe in words.

Music can be an escape, both to listen to and create, and I often lose myself to the creative process at night, when often the best ideas reveal themselves.  They are there all the time, whispering under the noise and distractions of the daytime, but in the stillness of night you can hear them clearly.

Kevin Kerrigan

Today I’m presenting you with the track Candlelight by the British composer and piano player Kevin Kerrigan. You can read a pretty old post about Kevin here! Kevin has spent the past 30 years making all kinds of different music. One of Kevins favorite activities is to sit down late at night, playing the piano uncensored in the dark. Sometimes he records this.

The track Candlelight was released as a single on the 8th of march, 2024.

Tell us something about your track Candlelight!
The title ‘candlelight’ appeared as I was improvising, half asleep (as usual)..  In the dark there was a tiny little candle twinkling on the piano lid, its flame flickering away like a ballet dancer to the music.  Well I say ‘flame’ but in reality it was one of those fake LED ones, but the idea and the essence of that moment stuck.