Spotted: Kevin Kerrigan – Heirloom

Spotted: Kevin Kerrigan – Heirloom

Today I’m presenting you with the track Heirloom by the British composer and piano player Kevin Kerrigan. Kevin was one of the first composers I wrote about on the blog, and is constantly releasing new music from different projects.

The track Heirloom was released as a single on the 17th of march, 2023.

Tell us something about how you started making music!
I’ve kind of come full circle in the 30 of so years I’ve been making music.  I started experimenting on the piano when I was a teenager, and like many pianists have always found it a great source of meditation and calm as well as slowly discovering how to create little worlds with sound.

In the years since I’ve done all sorts from pop records to grand film soundtracks,  but I always come back ‘home’ to the piano,  and this happens more and more as I get older.  There’s something very emotionally honest about the piano,  especially an upright piano.

Tell us something about your piano!
I’ve been lucky recently to get hold of a very unusual little Schimmel piano which has the most honest and beautiful tone.   Like us,  it’s not perfect and has lots of little idiosyncrasies and quirks.  Like it’s namesake (schimmel means ‘fungus’)  It is unique and has a personality,  which is something you only really get from real (especially older) instruments,  and every time I sit at it something surprising comes out.

This little piano and I have been on Earth for around the same time, and it feels like it’s had its own lifetime of stories it wants to tell.  This piece “Heirloom” was the first thing which it wanted to share.

Thank you very much for this Kevin!