Spotted: Khyaam Haque – Most Things Are Beautiful

Spotted: Khyaam Haque – Most Things Are Beautiful

Today I’m introducing you to the latest track Most things are beautiful by the Chicago based artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and audio engineer Khyaam Haque. Khyaam is originally an guitarist since the age of eleven, but has made ambient piano music for the past five years.

The track Most things are beautiful is taken from the album with the same name which was released on the first of march 2020.

“Most Things Are Beautiful” is the title track and last track on the album “Most Things Are Beautiful” which was just released on March 1st.

Tell us something about your track Most things are beautiful!
Most Things Are Beautiful started out as a poem written by a dear friend, Thom Bernasol. It was created on a summer day, while sitting on a porch and talking about how our twenties were nearing it’s end. I wanted to create an album where the track list read as a poem, and reflected moments and experiences I went through during that decade.

Thank you for sending this my way Khyaam!

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