Spotted: Klinger – Prisoners in Paradise

Spotted: Klinger – Prisoners in Paradise

Today I’m introducing you to German composer and producer Klinger based in Hamburg, Germany. He started his piano career by posting short 60 second songs on Instagram (60 seconds due to their limits on how long a video clip can be on instagram).

This is Klingers first full length piano composition and it was released in April, 2019.

Now that you have gotten the last of full length songs, will you release more songs soon?
Yes, there will be an ep soon and Prisoners in Paradise will be featured on it. The basic theme around the ep will be “insects”. Not the most obvious choice for piano music, I know. Acutally my mother brought it up, after listening to the new songs for the first time. My sister even drew some pictures of me, a piano and lots of insects. 

Drawing by Verena Klinger

Tell us something about your track Prisoners in paradise!
I made a very simple video symbolizing what the song is about.

It features a wasp trapped in a pot of strawberry juice. 
But this is not only about wasps. I guess all uf us find ourselves in such situations from time to time. We’re drawn so heavily by something we crave and when we’re finally there it turns out it doesn’t make us happy at all. And even more: It’s very hard to get away from it again.

Thanks you Klinger for sharing this with us. The video, drawing and the song is all amazing! Looking forward to hear (and maybe even see?) the EP!

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