Spotted: Little Sailboat – Drifting down

Spotted: Little Sailboat – Drifting down

Today I present to you the American composer Amara Falk, also known as Little Sailboat. She grew up in Minnesota, surrounded by many types of music; from classical organ to heavy metal. This unique perspective has helped mold both my acoustic folk and piano compositions. 

Tell us something about Drifting Down! Is there a story behind it?
My new EP Four Movements has a track titled Drifting Down. This piece has a magical quality about it. Right before writing it, I took a walk through the most beautiful snow fall I’ve seen. After finishing that walk, I went straight to the piano and wrote what I felt during those moments out in the snow. 

Tell us something about this latest release of yours!
Four Movements is an EP that represents my most recent journey. All four songs have a whimsical, yet thoughtful feel to them. One of the reasons I titled the EP “Four Movements” is because each piece was inspired by a physical movement. Whether it was a walk through the snow, a run down a wooded path, or a quick clear stream. My hope is that people will experience a sense of calm and restoration while listening, because that’s what I experienced while writing it. 

Thank you Amara for sharing this wonderful piece of music with us!

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