Spotted: Lolo Serrano – Soledad

Spotted: Lolo Serrano – Soledad

Today I’m introducing you to the track Soledad by the American composer, trumpet player and “jazz and music theory geek” from Providence, Rhode Island. Lolo had played the trumpet for twelve years and started playing the piano about four years ago.

always having played a melodic instrument, the opportunity to actually play around with chords and create full-sounding music by myself was intoxicating.  

The track Soledad was released as a single but is also featured on the Ep Make it count which was released on the 20th of may 2020.

Tell us something about your track Soledad!
Soledad is about being alone: how it can be lonely, bleak, comforting, and creative all at once. To reflect that, I wrote this song to play with different keys and moods: it sits in F#minor, F#major, and Gminor at points, and doesn’t have a solid meter except for a brief moment of 6/8 in the middle. 

Thank you Lolo for this amazing track!

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