Spotted: Lucente Skye – Hope

Spotted: Lucente Skye – Hope

Today I’m introducing you to the music by Naomi LaViolette aka. Lucente Skye. Naomi comes from the United States and has played the piano since the age of four.

I’m gonna go quote here because Naoimi said it so great!

When I was studying piano performance in graduate school, I bought my own piano. This little upright felt piano spoke to me the moment I played it. The action was just as firm as a grand piano, and the felt made it quiet so I could practice while my housemates were asleep. I practiced for big classical recitals and it always had me ready for any fancy grand piano. Little did I know, all these years later, that I’d be even more grateful for this piano, as the felt makes it just PERFECT for recording calming piano music.  I hope my piano songs help people feel at peace, but also reflective. The titles to my songs are guideposts for listeners, but this music can take you down any path you choose. Let me know where it takes you.  

The track Hope was released on the EP with the same name on the 24th of august, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Hope!
I wrote these 3 songs as a way to process a difficult transition in my own life, and I hope it also helps listeners reflect on whatever transitions they may be facing. It’s been challenging times for all of us in the world. The final song, “Hope” features chord changes that are outside of the key, representing arrival to a new perspective and looking forward. 

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