Spotted: LUCHS – Valentine

Today I’m introducing you to Patrik Berg Almkvisth, or LUCHS, a Swedish actor, composer and music producer. Patrik is born into a very musical family and says that one of his earliest memories from childhood was falling asleep every Sunday under the grans piano while his father was playing in the church.

Valentine was originally created as a collaboration with actor Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things). It has been released as a part of his podcast called DKMH that was released July 11th on Spotify. The podcast is a combination of Dacres beat poetry (narrated) set to music scores designed by some of his favourite musicians around the world. 

Tell us something about your track Valentine!
Dacre Montgomery reached out to me on Instagram and asked me if I would like to compose the music to some of his beat poetry. He sent over the text and gave me total freedom to compose around the words. I felt an instant connection to his work and got started right away.  The first day I was mostly just laying on the floor with my hands covering my ears and tried to listen for a musical phrase, a chord progression or a short melody that could get me started.

After discarding a couple of ideas the foundation to Valentine came. And a couple of days later I sent over a first production of the track to Dacre. His response was so kind and positive so I barely had to change anything accept for a few mix fixes to feel satisfied myself. I also made two versions. One digital and one analog where I recorded the final mix onto cassette tape. Dacre preferred the analog one so that version can be heard behind his poetry. I was very happy with the composition so I decided to release an instrumental version of the track as well. This time I went with the digital master.  

Thank you very much Patrik!

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