Spotted: Maria Grönlund – Mist

Spotted: Maria Grönlund – Mist

Today I’m introducing you to the song Mist by Swedish composer and pianist Maria Grönlund. You might recognize her name, because I have written about her song June and me before.

The song mist is released as a single but will be featured on her upcoming album with is scheduled for the second half of 2019.

It’s an album based on the life story of a truly fascinating man that I heard about when sailing to the Finnish island Åland two summers ago, and it will be called ‘Songs of a Sad Sailor’.

Tell us something about your song Mist!
I came up with this little piece Mist, when experimenting with alternative fingering techniques, I think I’ve come upon something like this in a Debussy piece I played long ago, don’t remember which one. It’s basically a way of doubling your speed by using a finger from your left hand and your right hand every other time, all in the same keyboard position. I hold my left hand above my right hand and it looks kind of like a funny animal, it would probably make good shadow figures!

Thank your for this wonderful piece of music Maria! And I really want to see those shadows of your hand playing your song. Maybe an idea for a music video?

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