Spotted: Mark W Griffiths – Coming Home

Today I’m presenting you to the latest track by the brittish composer and piano player Mark W Griffiths and his new track Coming Home. Mark was introduced to the piano by his father at the age of 7 and then went on to study music at the University of Huddersfield. At the university he composed music but never found a real purpose to the process until he started releasing it on streaming services.

The track Coming Home is taken from the album Moments in time which was released on the 13th of June 2021.

Tell us something about your track Coming Home!
This particular piece, ‘Coming Home’, is the first track from my most recent album ‘Moments of Time’. The track reflects the warmth and contentment of the place we visualise as home. The richness of the harmony creates warmth and the repetitive, almost minimalist melodic line emphasises the need for familiarity in returning to the place we call home.

Thanks Mark!

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