Spotted: Martin Karlsson – Recovering

Spotted: Martin Karlsson – Recovering

Today I’m introducing you to the Finnish artist, piano player and vocalist Martin Karlsson and his track Recovering. Martin started singing at a young age, but when the family got an electric organ at home he realized that he wanted to play an instrument. Shortly after, his father bought some pianos and an accordion and things were set!

The track Recovering was released as part of the album Queen of the stars which was released on the 24th of July, 2020. Most of the songs on the album is singer songwriter songs, but there is three solo piano pieces on it.

Tell us something about your track Recovering!
The track is completely improvised. It came from a process of healing and recovering. I felt I needed to express that feeling through the keys. I do not remember so much from playing it, it was one of these moments that just happens as my mind drifted away for a little more than 8 minutes. Happily I recorded it. I hope it can help others. I think music has a healing power.

Thank you Martin for your participation!

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