Spotted: Martin Rott – A New Home (treehouse piano session)

Spotted: Martin Rott – A New Home (treehouse piano session)

Today I’m presenting you with the German composer and piano player Martin Rott and his track A New Home. Martin is based in Berlin and has played the drums since the age of 6. He is raised in a family where both his parents were classical violinists. Since then he has worked as a musician and arranger for artists from Indie to mayor pop and as a composer for tv-shows and feature films.

The track A New Home (treehouse piano session) was released as a single on the 8th of December, 2023, but will also be part of an EP later on.

Tell us something about your track A New Home (treehouse piano session)!
I originally composed „A New Home“ as the soundtrack to the end of a fictional journey, creating feelings of relief as one reaches the destination after an adventurous travel, finally calling a place „home“.

As a pendant to the complex arrangements of my LP, I wanted to capture the essence of some of the tracks in an intimate setting. So I retreated to a studio called „The Treehouse“ nestled in the native woodlands of Ashford, Ireland, close to the monumental Glendalaugh Natural Reserve, where I also shot the photo for the cover of the solo piano version of „A New Home“. 

Another source of inspiration was the The Treehouses’ piano itself – an over a hundred year old August Foerster, wich the owner brought from Berlin, prepared and soled by Carsten Schulz, who is currently the piano technican working for both of the two most succesful neo-classical artists of our time.

These prerequisites literally set the tone for an intimate recording, giving space for a less cerebralized, natural performance.

Thanks for this Martin!