Spotted: Matthias Gusset – Into the night

Today I’m introducing you to Matthias Gusset and his track Into the night. Matthias is a drummer, guitarist and keyboard player from Switzerland. He has played in a variety of rock bands and released his first neo classical album back in 2019.

The track Into The Night is the latest single of the upcoming album In between Birdsongs which will be released in May 2021.

Tell us something about your track Into the night!
I wrote ‘Into The Night’ on my detuned upright piano at home. I played the first chords and tried to imagine how they would sound on a good piano. Then I startet playing the pattern and the music just took it’s course. I always try to stop thinking to open a door for the magic. Because magic is not for us to controll.

Thank you Matthias!

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