Spotted: Mattia Greggio – Where Are You?

Spotted: Mattia Greggio – Where Are You?

Today I’m introducing you to the track Where are you? by the Italian composer Mattia Greggio from Verona. At the age of six he convinced his parents to sign him up for piano classes by lying to them (intriguing!). It all worked out and he started to take piano classes shortly after.

The track Where are you? was released as a single on the 15th of may, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Where are you?!
“Where are you?, I can’t find you, but what am I really looking for?”.

This is a song that tries to reach the depth of our thoughts and our soul.  We are always looking for something, we spend our lives trying to achieve increasingly important target. Sometimes the road is easy, other times it is very difficult. Very often one fails. The important thing is not to lose yourself and always find yourself in everything we do every day. This will give us the strength to keep going and will help us overcome the obstacles that life places before us.

Thank you very much Mattia!

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