Spotted: Merrill Crissey – Evening at the Parks

Spotted: Merrill Crissey – Evening at the Parks

Today I’m introducing you to composer and piano player Merrill Crissey from Florida, USA. I have written about both Merrill and his music many times before, which can be found here.

The track Evening at the Parks is taken from the EP Japonica, which was released on the 10th of January of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Evening at the Parks!
Evening at the Parks is from my new EP entitled Japonica. This album is all about the seven years I lived in Japan. The name of the album comes from the idea of a western person in Japan— Japonica being a Latin way of expressing things related to Japan. Each of the pieces on the album expresses either an experience I had or an aspect of Japan that made an impression on me. The music on this album is, for the most part, not overtly “Japanese” sounding. I mostly stick to Occidental harmonies and instrumentation. The song Evening at the Parks is a reference to a specific place in Osaka, Japan. When I met my wife I was living in the heart of downtown. There was a recent development of shops near the station called Namba Parks. This became a regular place for us to go on dates and take walks. Those were such precious times for us, and the music is meant to convey a sense of quietness and warmth.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful song with us Merrill!

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