Spotted: Michael Pasikov – Trust

Today I’m introducing you to the composer and piano player Michael Pasikov and his track Trust. Michael comes from Israel. 4 years ago Michael had an accident that left his right arm paralyzed.  At that time the doctors told him he would never use his right arm again. A miracle happened and I have full use of the arm. 

The track Trust was released as a single on the 17th of October, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Trust!
The song trust starts with a left hand solo.  This represents the time that I had to live my hand with use of the left hand only.  Then it is joined  by the right hand.  The right hand produces this somber melody along with the left hand. Then the song ends with the right hand repeating the opening left hand solo to
show that I have full use and control of the right hand. A miracle indeed!  

Thank you for this wonderful story Michael!

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