Spotted: Mivyk – You’re Safe Here

Spotted: Mivyk – You’re Safe Here

Today I’m introducing you to Mivyk, or Michael Stell as his name really is. Michael is a German composer basen in Regensburg and has been playing the piano since a young age. About four years ago he started to compose instrumental piano music.

It is a really nice feeling to create something new for the world to listen to and I can lose myself fully in the music while trying to compose something new.

The track You’re safe here was released as a single, but will (hopefully) be featured on an album sometime in the future!

Tell us something about your track You’re safe here!
I’v been a fan of meditation since a long time and like the idea of being in the present moment while enjoying every simple thing you can find around you. That’s why I tried to create something with this piece that brings you into this calm and meditative mental state. Also I try to help people get out of stressful situations while listening to this piece, therefore I named it „You’re safe here“. While listening to this nothing can hurt you and you can regenerate some energy to get back into your everyday life.

Thank you for sharing Michael!

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