Spotted: Mjorn – Golden milk

Spotted: Mjorn – Golden milk

Today I’n introducing you to the artist Mjorn and the track Golden Milk. Mjorn’s real name is Miron Nabokov, and Miron has lived most of his life in Russia, but is now based in the Netherlands.

As a child, I had a love-hate relationship with my piano because of the music school I had to go to. I managed to graduate even though I never even learnt to read sheet music there (that came years later, to the utter shock of my former teachers). Nowadays, I am happy to be able to express my ideas musically.

The track Golden Milk is a part of the EP Cyclical which was released on September 18, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Golden Milk!
The EP portrays the natural cycle of seasons, and Golden Milk represents autumn. It’s the calmest and the simplest track on the album. It’s also the only one suitable for playing solo. I hoped to convey a sense of melancholic cosiness everybody experiences on those long autumn evenings with a warm drink.

Thank you Miron!

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