Spotted: Music Within – Julichka’s Theme

Spotted: Music Within – Julichka’s Theme

Today I’m introducing you to Rob McAllister, also known as Music Within. Rob is an Canadian composer and multi instrumentalist based out of Toronto. He makes music in the ambient/(neo)classical genre, and also makes music for picture and other media.

This release is kind of special. It consists of three tracks, but only one song. The song is called Julichka’s Theme and has been recorded in three different versions; string quartet, solo piano and with a music box. This is a very common thing when making music for films.

With the music box, the melody is a young, playful child. The theme grows up on the solo piano, with more emotion and expressiveness. The string quartet has the strength and grace of experience; a warm beauty fills the room. 

It was released mid February and is one out of many releases by Music Within.

Tell us something about Julichka’s Theme!
I wrote this romantic melody for my girlfriend Julia, which is where the name comes from. ‘Julichka’, which is a nickname from her grandma, means ‘little Julia’ in Czech. To help inspire the theme, I imagined watching a cinematic film about her life and tried to capture her essence: love, compassion, curiosity, wonder. On the piano (which is where I originally wrote it) I find it also has a bit of a whimsical/magical feel to it. 

Thank your for sharing this interesting song! I like all three versions!

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