Spotted: Nadav Cohen – Release

A while back, I introduced you to Nadav Cohen and his release Fighter, which you can read more about here. Now he’s back with another great ambient single, called Release. Nadav is an Australian composer living in Melbourne.

Tell us something about your track Release!
I wrote this track with the theme of “letting go” in mind. Release is about moving on from something in your life. Whether it be a hobby, past ideology or loved one, this track is about finding composure and clarity  in the change people undergo in their lives and the “release” that comes with moving forward from an overwhelming chapter both positive or negative. 
This song was actually all written in one day using MIDI string libraries on my computer at home. However, I sent it over to an incredible cellist from Los Angeles, Francesco Canas.  He recorded each voicing of the piece multiple times creating a total of 60 tracks of Cellos and violins. This allowed the track to breathe and feel unique. 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with us Nadav!

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