Spotted: Niz – Missed

Spotted: Niz – Missed

Today I’m introducing you to the Turkish composer and piano player Nizameddin Tuğral, or just Niz. Niz started to compose at the age of 14, while exploring different DAWs. During his university years he wrote several pieces of music for video games. After graduation, he took a break for a couple of years and started composing again with significant interest in ambient music and neo-classical music. 

The track Missed was released on the EP Lockdown on the 3rd of may, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Missed!
I tried to convey the feelings of the lockdown period with 3 compositions in this EP. The album starts with the “lockdown” composition in a fast tempo with cheerful happy mood like our life before the lockdown started, then it slows down and the mood changes and becomes more emotional like how our life suddenly slowed down after Covid-19. The second composition “Missed” is like the continuation of the first one with deep feelings. I tried to convey the feelings of missing basic things in our life. I tried to create an emotional theme to allow listeners to feel those emotions. And last but not least composition in the EP is “Hopes” which I tried to convey the hope of healing, which is growing with the upcoming summer. This composition starts with an emotional theme but gets faster at the end like growing hopes inside of us.
I wanted to tell the story behind the whole composition since I could not separate “Missed” from the others as I envisioned then as a whole while composing 🙂

Thank you very much for this Niz!

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