Spotted: Omar Raafat – In a Dream

Spotted: Omar Raafat – In a Dream

Today I’m presenting to you the track In a Dream by the Egyptian composer and piano player Omar Raafat, now located in Victoria Canada. Omar writes music for film and TV. Omar have been playing music since he was young and has played in various instruments in different bands.

The track In a Dream was released as a single on the 13th of July, 2020.

Tell us something about your track In a Dream!
The song “In a Dream” was written while I was away on holiday. I took my computer and keyboard with me and had a nice view of the sky and a lagoon in front of me. Writing the song was very pleasant as I would always look up from my computer screen and find birds flying and dancing in the sky. Very different than my usual dark/basement room I am always used to working in. The song came together really naturally and quick in one sitting. I wanted to keep it short, organic and simple so I didn’t want to do to much to it. I always find those are the special pieces that just come out! 

Thank you Omar for this piece of music!

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