Spotted: Orouni – Nora

Spotted: Orouni – Nora

Today I’m introducing you to the French composer Orouni and the track Nora. Orouni lives in Paris where he gathers the melodies you har in the music.

The track Nora is release don the double single ALLORA which was released on the 3rd of July of 2020.

Tell us something about the track Nora!
The video for the piano version of “Nora” features Parisian sunsets and other visual phenomena created by the sun. I love taking pictures of sunsets, so I wanted to go further and show them evolving. This particular moment has a sad dimension, because it corresponds to the end of a cycle, but it brings the day to a wonderful close, a touching grand finale.

The original song “Nora” is inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s feminist drama A Doll’s house, whose most powerful instant is its end, a moving and liberating climax. Furthermore, the sun and the weather play an important role in the plot.

I entirely shot the video from my apartment in Paris, as if I was in a doll’s house myself. But it’s not a “lockdown video”, since I started to work on it in late May. I rather see it as a way to exhaust the different illustrations of a certain reality within given constraints. So, in the same way that the three existing versions of “Nora” I recorded are as many possible interpretations of a single composition, this video only shows images captured through the windows of my apartment, or its interior. Just like for Nora’s character, the domestic constraint creates a projection towards the outside world.

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