Spotted: Pascal Lengagne – Brume

Spotted: Pascal Lengagne – Brume

Today I’m introducing you to the 53 year old French composer and piano player Pascal Langagne. Pascal makes compositions for films an commercials and started playing the piano about 48 years ago, and it has now been his full time job for the past 20 years.

The track Brume was released as a single in January of 2020. This version is however a reworked one of the original track taken from the album Au-delá des nuages which was releases back in 2018.

Tell us something about your track Brume!
I have a small dogs who wants to run in the country 2 times a day. One day when it was raining and foggy I’ve imagined the mood of this track. I’ve played piano at home and tried different things, different takes. And finally it’s a mix of 4 piano takes, I love to mix several keyboards or piano, to give that movement.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us Pascal!

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