Spotted: Patricio Franzi – Destino afluente

Spotted: Patricio Franzi – Destino afluente

Today I’m presenting you with the track Destino afluente by the Argentinian composer and piano player Patricio Franzi. Patricio is located in Buenos Aires and has played the piano since there age of six. Most of his time is spent composing music for theater productions and short films.

The track Destino afluente was released as a single on the 22nd of January, 2024.

Tell us something about your track Destino afluente!
Destino Afluente” is a captivating prelude for piano that unfolds its melodies in the embrace of an Argentine delta island. Composed on an old piano nestled on the island, with each note resonating against the backdrop of a window framing the river’s majestic flow, the piece is a testament to the organic connection with nature.

As I sat at that weathered piano, the internal sounds seemed to echo with a life of their own, creating a symphony that resonated with the spirit of the river. During the studio recording, I aimed to preserve this unique atmosphere by intentionally incorporating the ambient sounds of the piano. These echoes and creaks, reminiscent of the piano’s lived history, became integral to recreating the experience and capturing the essence of that moment on the island.

“Destino Afluente” thus becomes not just a musical composition but a sensory journey—a reflection of the intimate relationship between the artist, the instrument, and the flowing river just beyond the window. Through this prelude, I invite listeners to immerse themselves in the tranquil, living essence of that island and embark on a musical voyage that bridges the gap between nature’s beauty and the melodies born from a vintage piano’s soul.

Thank you for sharing this with us Patricio!