Spotted: Per Störby Jutbring – Braids

Spotted: Per Störby Jutbring – Braids

Today I’m introducing you to Swedish composer Per Störby Jutbring, from the west coast of Sweden in the town of Falkenberg; now located in Stockholm. Previously Per has made music for theatre, film and dance performances in all kinds of genres.

The track Braids is released as a single, but will also be featured on Pers fifth solo album The Thief Bunny Society (18th of October 2019).

Tell us something about your track Braids!
I had this idea of recording three string quartets on each other, all with individual parts as a classic counterpoint, but also like looped material, in the manner of an electronic workflow. Adding part after the other making a crescendo, with a slow melody taking form. Or, actually several melodies, like entwined strands of hair.

The art concept (of the album) is based on the mysterious, unexplainable and magic childhood. The non judgmental inner world of kids, the imagination. The Summer vacation. The Faraway Forest, the nordic birches. The palette consists of piano, string quartet, cello, clarinet and electronics. It’s orchestrated layers, loops, arpeggios, synths and electronic elements among traditional piano/string quintets, and piano/cello duo. It’s performed by Swedish Malva Quartet, Linnea Olsson and Johanna Dahl (cello) and Nils Berg (clarinets). And myself of course, at the piano, electronics, celesta, organ etc.

Thank you for sharing this with us Per!

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